About Spiro Geroulanos


Spiro Geroulanos, a born-and-bred resident of Brooklyn, New York, cherishes the many opportunities he has to help his community thrive.

As the founder of Trinity Developers NY, Spiro has overseen dozens of real estate development and construction projects. He is always looking for ways to integrate energy-efficient structures into the area, such as a NYSERDA-certified luxury development on 548 4th Ave in Park Slope, which has a USGBC LEED certification and “Gold” rating. Additionally, Spiro has completed many gut renovations via Trinity Developers. These instances exemplify Spiro’s focus on continuously improving and revitalizing his community.

Beyond his work with Trinity Developers NY, Spiro is highly active in local organizations, particularly those that bring Greek education to the forefront of the community. He is affiliated with the Kimisis Greek Orthodox Church. He is also Vice President of the Board of Directors and Chairperson of the Building Committee for The Greek School of Plato.

Spiro was an instrumental figure in the recent purchase of a new school building for The Greek School of Plato. He worked to find and acquire the property, collaborate with architects and engineers to develop it, and appeal to the New York City Board of Standards and Appeals for a zoning variance. The result: a new nonprofit educational, cultural, and community facility that represents the impact of Greek culture on Brooklyn — and reminds the community at large just how important education is.

This achievement is important for Spiro on a personal level: he is a former student of The Greek School of Plato himself. While a student there, he met his future wife, Christina Markantonakis-Geroulanos. Their two children, Bobby and Melina, attended the school as well.

Spiro and Christina have raised their children to seek out opportunities to give back to others  — just as Spiro’s father, Haralambos (Bob) Geroulanos, raised him. In the summer of 2017 Spiro and his daughter, Melina, will travel to participate in Project Mexico, a week-long initiative to build homes for people in need.

Spiro Geroulanos has been recognized by numerous press outlets for his community work. He also received a Good Scout Award from the The Brooklyn Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

This blog will cover Spiro’s interests in community work, as well as his family life and his personal hobbies such as traveling, fishing, hunting, and playing soccer.