5 Tips for Making Your Community a Better Place

row of brick homes in a city along a street with trees, image used for spiro geroulanos blog about how to make your community a better place

Having a strong sense of community and support is vitally important. When you live in a community that’s close-knit, it makes you feel good. It often leads to the neighborhood being safer and the residents feeling more fulfilled. I’ve written previously about the importance of becoming involved in your community, so take tangible steps to get involved. In order for a community to truly thrive, its members must be active and dedicated to making the community a better place.

Support local businesses

One of the best steps you can take to improve your community is simply by supporting local businesses. Visit a local grocery store for food and head to family-owned restaurants instead of chains. When you need to buy a certain item, see if there’s a local company that creates it instead of ordering it from a larger corporation or online. Sometimes, local items may cost more, but the extra money is worth it if it can help your community grow.

Connect with others

If you don’t know a lot of people in your neighborhood, take time to get to know them. Join the board of a local organization, strike up conversations with others in the community, or attend community events. The more people you get to know, the closer your community becomes and the larger of a difference you can make.

Help a neighbor

Even if you aren’t close to many people that live around you, it’s likely that you have a neighbor or someone relatively close to you that needs help in some way. If you have elderly neighbors, offer to help with yard work or running errands of some kind. You can also simply visit your neighbors and start conversations with them. Get to know the people living around you in order to create a more connected and safe community.

Find a local philanthropy

A great way to make your community a better place is simply getting involved with some local philanthropy. Even if the organization itself isn’t local, if the charity is working with people in the community, you’re helping improve it. Find an organization that allows you to help the people in your community and create stronger bonds with those around you. If your community has a strong sense of philanthropy, you know the people there look out for each other and care.

Organize an event

If you feel like you can’t get involved in your community to the degree you’d like to, go ahead and organize your own event. Plan to clean up a local park or host a food drive. Get some friends together and find a place you can volunteer. You could even start your own organization. Whatever you do, if you’re focused on making your community a better place, you’ll be able to accomplish this goal.

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