5 Tips for Preparing for a Long Vacation

Person hiking with sunset in background, spiro geroulanos prepare for long vacation

If you’re planning on taking a long vacation in the near future, there are several steps to take to adequately prepare for it. Like any vacation, you need to prepare and plan ahead of time, but when you’re thinking of traveling for a few weeks, you need to take care of more details, some of which are easy to forget about until it’s too late. There are lots of small details, for your vacation itself and for your life while you’re gone, that need to be planned out ahead of time to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.

Make all your reservations

The first step to take before making any other arrangements while you’re on vacation is to make the reservations for your vacation. Get your plane tickets, figure out where you’ll be staying and where exactly you’ll travel and guarantee that the trip is actually happening, barring any huge last-minute emergencies.

Tie up loose ends

Nearly everyone has those items on their to-do list they keep pushing off because they aren’t pressing. Get those tasks done before your trip! If you’ve meant to paint a room in your house and barely started or want to clean out your closet, do it now. You’ll feel better and like your life is less cluttered afterward, plus you won’t return to any unfinished projects. Go on your lengthy vacation with a clear mind and thoroughly enjoy it.

Get your home ready

If you’re going to be away for a while, you want to think about how to best prepare your home for this absence. One option is to hire someone to housesit while you’re gone; they can live at your place or simply check in periodically. You also want to make sure you prepare for any extreme weather or turn off your water and other utilities so they aren’t running while you’re gone. You might want to clear out your fridge, clean everything before you leave, and other small tasks to make sure everything’s fine when you come home.

Finish work obligations

At your job, make sure everyone is aware you’ll be gone, including people you frequently work with on projects or who may be asking you questions. Put a plan in place for who they can talk to while you’re gone or plan to get some work done while on vacation. Clearly communicating who can cover work you would usually handle and what to do while you’re on vacation is very important.

Have an emergency plan

Finally, if something would arise at home or on vacation, have plans in place on how to handle this emergency. What if someone gets sick? Can you afford to get a plane home? Does your healthcare carry over to wherever you’re traveling? What if there’s a natural disaster? While you shouldn’t worry excessively about these possibilities, you should have plans in place to handle these emergencies. Being as prepared as possible before going on a long trip is vitally important.

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