6 Benefits of Leading a More Minimalist Lifestyle

Simple bedroom with lots of tall windows open toward mountains, Spiro Geroulanos blog on minimalism

Being conscious of your impact on the world around you and creating a greener home is incredibly important, especially in this day and age when pollution and climate change have become such prevalent issues. Taking time to re-evaluate your current lifestyle and make small changes, whether to your home or in what you do, can actually go a long way. Another huge step you can take that positively impacts the world around you, and yourself, is living a more minimalist lifestyle. More and more people are living minimally and getting rid of unnecessary possessions. Here are some of the benefits of leading this type of lifestyle.

Less consumerism

Constantly buying items you do not really need leads to supporting harmful business practices. If you’re constantly consuming plastic and products that’s creation is harmful to other people and the environment, the more you cut back on unnecessary purchases, the better it is for others. When you do have to purchase something, practice mindful shopping and consider the source of the product and if you sincerely have a use for it.

Save money

Once you begin buying fewer unneeded items, you’ll notice that you’re saving money. You won’t waste money on something you don’t need and you can even sell your old items. Take time to clear out your home and donate or sell the items you decide you no longer need.

Clear your mind

You might not realize it, but knowing that a pile of old coats is precariously perched in your closet can be stressful. Once you clear out old clothes and possessions, you’ll have much more space to utilize for storing what you keep or using it for something else entirely. If you find yourself without storage space in your home, it’s time to be more minimalistic.

Less cleaning

Once you’ve decluttered your home, you’ll realize that you have to do less cleaning. It’s easier to keep everything organized and move it around to clean or reorganize. Simply having less items to gather dirt and dust makes your home a cleaner and more welcoming space.

More time

Clearing out your home of what you do not need or no longer use allows you to have more time. You spend less time looking for items or switching out clothes as the season change. Instead of wondering where you placed something a week or two ago, you know each item has its specific place and that’s where it will be. You’ll also save time cleaning and purchasing new items since you’re only buying what you actually need.

Freedom to move

For many people, especially if you’re younger, you’ll be switching homes a few times throughout the rest of your life. When you move, it’s easier to do so if you have less possessions. Instead of having to sort through everything when you move to a new apartment or house, regularly clearing out what you already have makes moving a much less stressful process.

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